Canadian scientists created a synthetic smallpox virus –

Canadian scientists created a synthetic smallpox virus – Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description.

Despite the fact that many existing viruses have not yet been completely defeated, there are still those with which mankind has managed to cope. One of these is the smallpox virus, but a group of researchers from Albert University recently recreated a dangerous virus. According to the publication Sciencealert, this will help in the course of further research and struggle with other serious pathogens. However, not all the scientific community shares this view, and some see this as a huge biological threat.

It is worth recalling that WHO (World Health Organization) announced the victory over smallpox in 1979 by global vaccination of the population. In the same years, it was decided to destroy all available samples of the virus at the disposal of laboratories. However, according to the publication, two Canadian biologists, David Evans and Ryan Neuss in laboratory conditions created samples of the smallpox virus by manipulating viral RNA and using chemically synthesized DNA. Scientists immediately warned that it was a horse smallpox, but further research has shown that under certain conditions the virus can be dangerous for humans.

Many scientists believe that the re-creation of a dangerous virus can lead to the emergence of new biological weapons and even the emergence of a pandemic. But as the authors of the paper say, their research shows that the methods of editing and using synthetic DNA can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to create new types of drugs, in particular in so-called killer viruses that will be able to kill pathogenic cells and bacteria without affecting while healthy tissue.

Canadian scientists created a synthetic smallpox virus


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