Roskosmos creates a satellite to search for minerals

Roskosmos creates a satellite for the search for minerals – news of space and cosmonautics on






The development of new deposits for the search for minerals is extremely important for the entire economy of any country. But given that the "traditional" methods of geological exploration with high labor costs may not yield the desired result, new ways of searching for minerals are needed. And the state corporation "Roskosmos" is planning this year to begin construction of a unique satellite that will be engaged in the search of natural resources from the Earth's orbit.

The new spacecraft will become a modernized version of the Condor-FKA satellites currently being created. At the moment, the Condor devices will be used for monitoring the Earth's surface and oceans for the purpose of mapping the territories, studying and controlling the extraction of natural resources, as well as for informing in the event of emergency situations. The successor of the Condor should be launched into the near-earth orbit in 2025, but the first details and modules of the device will begin to be built this year. The priority direction of the satellite is the search for oil and natural gas deposits, which have become more difficult to detect recently.

The new satellite is equipped with powerful cameras that allow shooting at day and night and even with poor visibility or during fogs and rains. The satellite will be able to find deposits of minerals even at great depth, where they can not be detected by standard methods. In addition, right now Roskosmos is working on creating a map of the earth's surface called Digital Earth, which will work on the principle of Google Earth. The development of the Digital Earth should also help in the search for useful resources.

                  Roskosmos creates satellite to search for minerals










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