Four-legged robot proved unstoppable off-road

The American company Ghost Robotics showed the ability of walking robot Minitaur own design on the rough terrain and difficult road conditions.

A small robot Minitaur was shown by the Americans last year. It weighs six kilograms, has a lifting capacity of three kilograms, jumping to a height of 48 centimeters and can move at a speed of two meters per second, and one battery charge is enough for 20 minutes of work. He has one great feature – unlike the majority of similar robots in “Minitavre” applied legs straight drive.

As a rule, two-legged and four-legged robots using multiple articulated limbs with elastic elements or springs to absorb the shock loads on the body. Ghost Robotics engineers have abandoned traditional design and decided to use as damper motors feet. Limbs are directly connected to motors with feedback, so that the robot recognizes the type of surface and adapts to it.

The video shows that the calculation was correct – Minitaur capable of much! He climbed on a grassy slope with a 32-degree slope, jumped on the 25-cm plate, jumped over the 55-centimeter obstacle overcome large stones, curbs, snow and ice, ran on two legs and even crawled under the barrier. Now Ghost Robotics plans to start mass production, and the robot will cost about $ 1,500.

Four-legged robot proved unstoppable off-road

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