Pizza learned to print to the printer

The American company BeeHex Ohio has developed a 3D-printer that can print a pizza. And it promises to be edible!

Recently in San Francisco opened the world’s first coffee shop, which serves visitors a robot. So soulless machines have gradually taken a barista job, and now they have threatened and pizzaiolo! Well pitstsameykerov or as the Americans say. Because now do a pizza cooking can compact printer, which was named Chef 3D. He knows how to cook a standard pizza to choose from, as well as customized client.

For example, it takes into account the wishes on the product composition, so it can cook a pizza without gluten or, say, garlic, put on the pizza a specific pattern of the ingredients or even irregularly shaped pizza to print! «3D-chief”, according to developers, will pizzerias reduce production costs and spending on staff, because pizza production will take place in the automatic mode.

Chef 3D will need from time to time to fill products in the rest of the human intervention is required. BeeHex focused primarily on major American network of pizzerias and hopes that the invention would be in demand in the market. The company has already found investors who have invested in the production of «3D-chief of” a million dollars. Apparently, soon will begin selling, but the printer has not yet announced the price.

Pizza learned to print to the printer

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