SpaceX has successfully launched a superheavy rocket Falcon Heavy

SpaceX has successfully launched the ultra-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy – high-tech and advanced news on ]

From the pad Pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center, the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy super-heavy carrier rocket took place. It was the first launch of a missile equipped with 27 engines at once. And apparently, everything is still going, as planned. The system sustained the moment of maximum load during take-off, and after a while, two side accelerators of the first stage separated from it and made a synchronous landing at the same Kennedy Space Center.

In order to understand whether everything was successful, it will take some time. The fact is that the main stage of the launch vehicle was decided to be planted on a floating barge and immediately before the landing of the camera, apparently, under the influence of a powerful vibration of the started engines, the stages disconnected. It should be added that this has happened before in the framework of landing the spent stages of the carrier rockets Falcon 9.

Six hours after the launch, a spacecraft with an electric roadster of Ilona Mask on board a low-earth orbit will take the trajectory to Mars and launch its engines. Last week, Ilon Mask once again commented that the risk of failure still exists at any stage of the flight.

Nevertheless, the successful launch of Falcon Heavy could be a giant leap forward in the development of space flights. At the moment, the Falcon Heavy is the most powerful working carrier rocket in the world. SpaceX has already received several orders for the launch of its superheavy missile, but now that the first test launch was successful (and we hope that the rest of the mission will also go smoothly), the company is more likely to attract even more potential customers interested in using Falcon Heavy.

The moment of launch can be viewed from the 30th minute:

SpaceX has successfully launched the super-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy


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