the biggest monster in history

March 8 starts showing of the film “Kong: Skull Island,” a new history of the legendary monster, a giant monkey with the lost island. Since 1933, from film to film King Kong increased in size – and a new Kong will be the biggest of all. “Popular Mechanics” has decided to investigate and find out how it will look on the background of the new Kong major technological and natural objects.

“Historical” Conga had growth of 5.5 to 20 meters, the new gorilla from the movie “Kong: Skull Island” will be an increase of 31.7 meters! Imagine: the spire of the Empire State Building, which hangs in the classic version of Kong, has a height of 62.2 meters – ie giant ape hardly be long for him to climb – it will overcome it in one leap! If it is, of course, survive.

A new adaptation of the famous story took a young director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, before “The Kings of Summer” has become famous independent film festival. Star cast includes actors including Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Oscar-winning Brie Larson.

Vogt-Roberts, starting to work on the film, wanted to see Kong simple enough, you might say, “iconic”. “I want to make any fan of the movie could portray him a pair of pencil movements – and thus Kong will be recognized, even if you really do not know how to draw!” – Said the director. In kakoy-to least so it happened – on the one hand the new Kong is classical, it is a huge gorilla with characteristic species traits, but on the other – he is unique in his own image, the image of a lone king abandoned the island, which will fall into the fate of people – strangers beings from another world. Skull Island, where Kong lives, filmed in several locations – mainly in Hawaii, but also in Vietnam and Australia.

Growth gorilla, 31.7 meters – a height comparable to the 10-storeyed house or a large Ferris wheel. Because from the scientific point of view, it is a relic Kong monkey, who lived in the days of giant reptiles, so its growth is quite logical – it allowed the ancestors Kong survive, battling with a 30-meter Argentinosaurus, or catch the same length Megalodon. In the film, by the way, has its own monsters, enemies Kong – fantastic cherepozavry.

Dimensions Kong – this is one of its “chips”. They felt even on the island, among the mountains and trees, and it is easy to imagine how this would look like a giant in the concrete jungle of the city. In fact, we suggest you estimate the scale of the Congo, in comparison with a number of familiar objects to us enormous.

So, we measure Kong in mining trucks and military helicopters!

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