The works razreshyly walking on sidewalk

America has become one step closer to science fiction utopia, where the sidewalks with pedestrians par robots busily ply. Well, at least now it will be in Virginia.

The governor of the US state of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe issued a decree that allows small robots c July 1 used for moving sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Such extraordinary decision was made at the initiative of Starship Technologies, which produces robots couriers own design. They are fully autonomous, able to navigate the city on the built-in maps and satellite navigation, cross the road and avoid collisions.

Small shestikolёsny robot can carry loads up to a total weight of 18 kilograms at speeds of up to 6.5 km / h. For robots monitors the number of operators, which in the case of emergency situations can take control of unmanned courier into their own hands, and even ask for help from passers-by with the camera and speaker. Traffic rules for robots are designed explicitly with the stock: the robots are allowed to walk on the sidewalks at speeds not exceeding 16 km / h and weigh no more than 22.5 kilograms.

Robotic couriers can move autonomously, but to prevent any possible problems behind them have to “look after” the operator from the command center. Of course, in the future governor’s decree may be modified taking into account the experience of the actual operation of robots. They say that similar orders are already being prepared for adoption in Florida and Idaho, so the Americans should not expect that the sidewalk will soon become a much more loaded.

The works razreshyly walking on sidewalk

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