A tool for hacking iOS 11 found a buyer

The tool for hacking an iPhone running iOS 11 really works and is already being used by police from Indiana. This is reported by Motherboard with reference to the service agreement concluded between the police department for the state of Indiana and the company GrayShift (available to AppleInsider.ru).

According to the document, the siloviki acquired a limited license that allows hacking no more than 300 smartphones, costing $ 15,000. Obviously, the authorities questioned the effectiveness of the GrayKey tool and suggested that it would be enough in the beginning.

According to the employee of the police department for the state of Indiana, interviewed by Motherboard journalists, the transaction did not demand urgent and therefore was held in as soon as possible. “The tool was necessary to gather evidence on a number of criminal cases,” the law enforcement officer confessed.

Since the resource of the instrument is limited to 300 hacking sessions, law enforcement officials expect to use it only in the most important cases. GrayKey will be used to investigate cases of murders, as well as crimes against children, when it is not possible to obtain evidence of guilt in other ways.

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