How to create a backup iPhone without iTunes and wires

Among the owners of the iPhone, the procedure of “cleaning” the device from unnecessary files is very popular with the goal to get more free memory. The smaller the amount of built-in memory of the smartphone, the more often you have to perform this operation. Sometimes this is even useful, but in the process of such a “cleaning” you can accidentally delete important files like messages, contacts and photos. Therefore, before these procedures, it is necessary to make a backup copy of the iPhone.

Of course, it is desirable that both the backup and cleaning of the device are carried out in one place – this is both more convenient and safer. Not so long ago we discovered for ourselves an interesting utility called AnyTrans which is not only a full-fledged replacement for iTunes, but it also has many useful functions, including cleaning out unnecessary files and full / partial backup even on Wi-Fi.

It’s enough to go to the corresponding section of the AnyTrans application to create a backup copy.

The first time you need to connect your iPhone to your computer, In the future, the backup will be created automatically if The device is located in the same Wi-Fi network.

The functionality of the backup partition is not limited to this. So, you can configure the delayed creation of backups – for example, after three days. In addition, the application will be able to report with a notification if the battery level of the iPhone has dropped below 10% or automatically starts the backup if the charge level is below 20%.

If a full backup is not required, you can always save the most important files. To do this, move to the next section of the application and go to the list of categories – audio, video, photos, contacts and so on. Consider the possibilities of AnyTrans using the example of messages – as a rule, many store important information in SMS.

To export messages from iPhone, it will be enough to open the corresponding tab, note you need the SMS, press the copy file key on the computer in the upper right corner and select the destination folder. After a few seconds, the selected messages will be in the computer’s memory – in the folder that you specify. The situation with files of another type is almost identical.

In addition, the program can download videos from YouTube (so far only on the Mac, but soon such the opportunity will also appear on Windows), optimize video clips for playback on a particular iPhone model, copy application data and even make so-called “clones” of devices. The only hitch in the program’s operation may be due to the lack of Russian, but in general the interface is logical and intuitive.

The backup function is another reason to download this application for Mac or Windows. There are both paid and free trial versions, with which the part of AnyTrans is available. The program is available for download from the link below.

P.S. By the way, the developers of AnyTrans right now are holding an iPhone X! To take part in it, it’s enough to follow this link and then share the page in social networks. Do not forget to vote just for iPhone X.

Title: AnyTrans
Published / Developed by: iMobie Inc
Built-in purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Windows, OS X
Link: Install ]

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