How to transfer the function “Portrait Lighting” on iPhone 7 Plus

The function “Portrait Lighting”, which allows you to create pictures with the effect of lighting “studio” quality, is capable of work even on the iPhone 7 Plus. This was proved by the developer of Focos application Xiadong Wang, who adapted the exclusive flagship iPhone chip for the previous generation model.

The main requirement for applying the effect of studio lighting is the finished image, which was taken in portrait mode. This means that the owners of the iPhone and iPad with a single camera module, the equivalent of “Portrait Lighting”, named by the developer Focos “Portrait on a Black Background”, will not be available.

left on the application page in the App Store, showed that the filter “Portrait on a black background” in quality is almost identical to the original function available to owners of iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. According to users, Focos works so well that it can easily compete with algorithms of Apple itself.

Discuss Focos application can be in the official Telegram-chat .

Title: Focos
Published / Developed by: Xiadong Wang
Price: Free
Built-in purchases: There are
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Set

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