LG has expanded the line of robots for hotels and supermarkets

After showing the robots of their own production at last year's CES, LG decided not to stop and expanded the line of smart assistants that are now released under the CLOi brand. The robots have already impressed the customers, well showing themselves as assistants, guides and couriers, working at Incheon Airport last year. Now the line of robotic help from LG has replenished with a robot, a robot for shopping and a robot-porter.

All new models are designed for commercial use and executed in a unified style, so distinguishing them from the devices of other manufacturers will be easy – recognizable pair of eyes and the design of the case became a trademark of the line.

The manufacturer expects robots to be used in recreation areas of airports, hotels and even restaurants – where they can deliver drinks and dishes to customers. To do this, they were equipped with special retractable trays. The upper compartment is designed for storing towels, essentials and other useful things.

The receptionist can help with the instant registration of the client, thus reducing the time that usually people spend at the counter with the person-administrator. In addition, the receptionist can help the lodger with the transportation of luggage. While the developers do not report the maximum load capacity, but judging by the photos, at least with a medium-sized suitcase, he must cope without any problems.

A robot for shopping can lead a customer to a stand with the necessary goods and help check price tags. Interact with the assistant person can through a special application for the smartphone.

The manufacturer does not disclose the features of the robots yet, saving them for the CES exhibition, which is likely to reveal much more details.

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